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  1. Quit making the car bigger. You have the 5 and 7 for big cars, the E90 is already about as big as the older 5er. Enough already.
  2. Loose the RFTs, they are expensive, ride terribly, noisy and don't handle as well as normal tires.
  3. Use plastics that don't peel so quickly. A loaded 335 is over $50K is too much to ask for the plastics to not start peeling within the first two years of ownership?
  4. Use ceramic clear coats like M-B, current paint swirls way too easily and has way too much orange peel for a car in this class. Again lesser cars have better quality paint than either of my 3's did.
  5. Get rid of that ugly hood cut line between it and the bumper. It looks like a complete after thought they they've decided to stick on all models now. Don't tell me it's for pedestrian crash standards, M-B and Audi haven't had to make their hoods start 6" further back.
  6. Better use of storage compartments, most are oddly dimensioned and not really useful.
  7. Ventilated or at the minimum perforated seating. I hate having a sweaty back when I get out of the car.
  8. Some option for an OEM LSD, even if its from the BMW performance parts catalog.
  9. Infrared coating on the windshield, it's nice not to be baked by the sun through the windshield.
  10. Do something about the mildew smell that comes from the A/C. Even if the car just runs the fan for a few a minutes after being turned off when the A/C has been on.