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Originally Posted by Wild M
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I spent some time on the BMW CA website and I couldn't make sense of it either so you are not alone!

What's confusing to me is the part which says "as if that were not enough: the dynamic chassis characteristics of the new BMW 3 Series can be increased even further by selecting Sports mode, which is supplied as standard". What is standard? Sports mode? Sure, but a dynamic chassis implies adaptive suspension, at least to me. See here:

I don't think it is standard though For example, the M Sport comes with suspension which BMW CA says is "lowered by ten millimetres with stiffer spring and damper settings as well as harder stabilisers", implying that other lines carry only standard suspension (note adaptive is the same height as M Sport, i.e. 10mm lower than standard).

Hopefully someone can clarify. My money is on E90 Fleet.
So, here's the deal. I ordered my 335i Sport line and paid the $400 for M sport suspension (option code 704). I enquired about the adaptive M suspension and, after providing them with the code for it, was told that I could get it, but the catch was the price. In the US, this option is $900, but BMW Canada decided it wasn't an option they wanted to support so they want $1350 for it (option code 2VF) plus $400 special order (option code ZSP) for a total of $1750 plus tax, double the price in the US. Talk about a ripoff! With all of the magazine reviews for the car with adaptive M suspension, why would they decide not to include it as a normal option?

Bottom line, I settled for the passive M sport suspension.
Wild M, do you know if the passive is just springs or is it more than that and if so what does it change from standard suspension?