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Originally Posted by PA135ii View Post
Your correct, once TB is gone it will be much much harder for them.

I will say this though. NE is very fortunate for being in the weakest division in football. probably for the better part of the last 25 years. that helps them a lot. basically 6 wins in the bank every year.
this is a fairly common misconception actually - NE's record against the AFC East isn't their highest win percentage. I don't have all the stats but have seen it enough to know that there are several other divisions out there that are consistently worse than the fins/jets/bills. If they were .900 against the AFC east I'd be singing a different tune, but they win more against a few other divisions.

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One thing I will say that the Patriots rarely have another playoff contender in the AFC East. This isn't uncommon. Its not like Baltimore and Pittsburgh are neck and neck EVERY single year but typically for the AFC North, they are competitive. A lot of division winners stand alone where only a couple divisions will have top 2 contenders of their division year after year. The patriots definitely stand alone in their division a lot more than anyone else.