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Originally Posted by vhs04 View Post
Hi guys, hope you’re having a blast!

I’ve recently gotten into the bmw world (2014 f32, n47t, 46k km) and I have troubles with finding out what makes this weird “ringing” noise that comes through the center vents. I’ve attached a clip with an f31 from the same year with the same issue:

AC off, heating wheel all the way to cold, inside temp to match outside.
The blower motor is rulled out since the noise stops immediately as the AC is engaged.

Went to BMW for a paid diagnosis and they didn’t “notice” it (most likely they engaged the AC)...
I’m kind of stuck with this, any help is highly appreciated.

Wishing you an excellent weekend ahead,
This sound is driving me crazy, the only information in the original Youtube video is that some hose was changed, but wich one????

I can't believe that after so many people involved nobody remember the info!!!
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