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Life's Little Pleasures One Can Enjoy While Driving

I started this thread because I recently completed a couple of the key goals I'd set for my life. I thought, then, about what aspect(s) of "me" allowed me to do that. I realized it was that in nearly every situation I find myself, I take the time to find something about it I like, even if I was sitting in a jail cell after having been apprehended for allegedly DUI. (The police's claim; I did not admit to being intoxicated, and I won in court, but there I sat in a jail cell all the same.)

Like many of you I spend a fair amount of time in my car. Thus, if one cannot find things to enjoy while driving, one spends a good deal of time, if not specifically unhappy, not happy. And I chose this particular situation to ask you folks about because there are only so many pleasurable things one can do relatively safely while also driving a car. So if you can't readily come up with some things on your own, perhaps you'll consider what I and others post here as suggestions you may care to try out. I wondered what things/activities are on your lists because it hurt to try to find the joy in things you may not have before considered as capable of giving any. Things that come to mind for me:

  • Commercial-free, talk-free, music only radio
  • Automatic windshield wipers
  • McDonald's sweet tea
  • The 250th - 300th horses under hood
  • Deftly dodging divots and potholes
And here's something my ex-wife would have said: seeing the sun make my engagement ring go bling.

She won't say that now, because I got that big ass f*cker (2 ct. main stone and eight 20 pointers) back as part of the division of property and had it set into a pinky ring. But on the rare occasions I wear it during the day when the sun shines brightly, I have to give the demon her due and agree that it's a joyful thing to see the bling from that ring.

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