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Originally Posted by xxxrsxxx View Post
thanks for the input on this, just seems like a pricey upgrade at $1500
Not really.

It also includes the Widescreen LCD, Enhanced Bluetooth, Enhanced USB, 3 years of BMW Assist, and the Head-up Display. All totaled, it's a good deal.

And those who don't get Enhanced Bluetooth, Enhanced USB, and BMW Assist are the ones who run back here the week they get their cars and ask "Why can't I stream Pandora?" or "Why can't I get album art to display on my screen?" or "Why can't I read text messages in iDrive?" or "Where are my splitscreen options?" or "What do you mean I need a Y cord to play my iPhone music?" and we tell them, as nicely as we can, "You should have gotten the Tech package like we recommended."