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Originally Posted by maysiu View Post
Thank you guys, for all the helpful responses!!

I ordered my car and put a $1000 for deposit.

So according to, my built's invoice should be 41,940.

As the cash price of vehicle on the order form is listed as 42,379, I would be 439 over invoice, which I think it's not too bad. Right???

I'm going to contact them and ask them for the college grad incentive which I'm qualified for. If they will honor it and give me back that 1000, I will proceed the order. What do you guys think about this idea? Or should I ask around for the nearby dealerships? The salesperson was really friendly tho. I would feel really bad if I end up having to cancel the order.

Thanks again everyone!! You guys are great.
A fair deal is $500 over invoice. This means you'll have to pay the 180$ training and $400 MACO "fees" in addition though. (You'd have to negotiate really hard to not pay them).

Do the math for the financing bit. I got 1.59% for 60 mo financing through BofA and still got the $1,500 USAA rebate. This is a better deal than getting the $1,000 Holiday cash and $1,000 USAA rebate at a rate of 3.29%. This will be done when you actually purchase the car, don't get any of the "extras" when you are with the financing guy cuz it's all a rip off. And remember, the deposit is refundable always.

I'm not sure whether the college grad incentive is stackable. PM me if u got any questions, I did some hard nosed negotiating and contacted about 15 BMW dealerships in doing research.