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Originally Posted by stormlv View Post
Perhaps this may be a bit off-topic for the whole discussion but, perhaps someone could help me with an issue.

My front left side sensor for the PMA has been been replaced by the dealer.
The problem is that now the whole PDC system has stopped functioning.
What they told me is that they needed to order a new sensor because the one that they initially used was faulty.

In the meantime I finally managed to get Rheingold working, and was able to get the faults from my car.

It seems that the error given is this:
"8032F4 - Ultrasonic sensor for PMA, front left side: incorrect sensor version"

If we check here:

In section 7.2 (Notes for service) it says:
"After the PMA or an ultrasonic sensor has been replaced no start-up is necessary. However, the PMA checks with every start-up whether the sensor software is compatible with the control unit software. It this is not compatible, a corresponding fault is set in the PMA control unit. In this case the service function "update software of ultrasonic sensors" must be performed.

Given all this, I think my dealer is BS-ing me and
1) they're just incompetent
2) they're trying to steal from either me or BMW

So my first question is this: Am I paranoid?

And secondly, do you guys know if the update that the manual talks about can be easily done by me (and if so, how?)
If you decide to do it by yourself:
  • Calculate the test plan and Rheingold will offer you to do the Service Function. I don't know the exact steps because I'm not in my car right now.
  • Do it manually: Vehicle Management -> Service Functions -> Driver Assistance -> Park Assist systems -> Start search -> ABL, updating sw of ultrasonic sensors.

Good luck!

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