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Originally Posted by Tim603 View Post
Yeah no thanks lol Ill find one or steal them for now
HAHA yeah I agree, my plan is the same.. This is what's nice about living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you can acquire stuff at gun point and not have to worry about any sort of consequences.

My mindset would be like this:
Raiders: "get the fuck away from our power armor before we blast you"
Me: "Getleman and lady, tranny, or what ever the fuck you are back there.. Your guns are a bunch of pieces of shit that can barely fire off a round without exploding in your hands.. While I'm packing this state of the art Fatman, potable apocalypse creation kit. I know what you are thinking, at this range I'd be obliterated too but I could fucking careless.. Look around, it's not like I got a brighter tomorrow to look forward to (load the Fatman) so I might as well brighten up my day right now.. So..... Unless you wana see my little ray of sunshine, I highly suggest you fuck off."

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