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Originally Posted by MaynardZed View Post
I competed in strongman for 6 years which of course we would train a lot of powerlifting, but also a lot of functional strength stuff similar to crossfit (albeit our weight were heavier and time limit shorter). I retired 2 years ago, but here are some of my best lifts back then:

Deadlift: 700lbs (grip and rip, belt & chalk only)
Deadlift (18"): 750lbs
Bench Press: 440lbs
OH log press: 330lbs
Atlas stone to 52": 410lbs
Yoke Walk: 800lbs for 80'
Farmers Walk: 335lb per hand for 80' in 17secs

My favorite events were carry medleys with tire flips, sandbags etc. I would compete at a bodyweight between 315-335lbs depending on the events scheduled. I still train some of lifts, but can't put the time into training and eating that I used to. One of the guys I used to compete and train with got his pro card a few years back and just did a 1000lb deadlift at the Arnold recently!


410 stone load

Deadlift training, my partner Jay was a riot
Wow! Insane man. What does your training look like nowadays? How have your joints held up after 6 years of strongman events? 700 lb deadlift is unreal. Who was your buddy at the Arnold?