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Originally Posted by koreez88 View Post
Bench - 260lbs tap-n-go
Squat - 375lbs high bar below parallel
Deadlift - 465lbs conventional
5'11", 27 years old, 180lbs

I believe my true max on squat is somewhere around 385 and 495 on deadlift since I hit 455x3 3 weeks ago. Will need to retest again soon.

Down to try new things in lifting, oly lifting is top of my list, strongman and crossfit next.
Need to work on my front squats, those choke me the fuck out.
Yeah if you can pull 455 for a triple I have no doubt you can hit 500 on a 1RM. Starting olympic lifting was one of best things I have ever done for fitness. I did bodybuilding/personal training for years out of high school but I wish I would have started oly lifting years ago. When you front squat do you do the bodybuilder type "arms crossed" style?
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