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VRSF Catted Downpipe Installed + Review

So for those of you who have followed my previous suspension thread, you may already know I installed my VRSF catted downpipe last Friday at the Stance Shop in Astoria, Queens. I didn't get to drive the car home until last night due to the suspension issues I was dealing with, but now she's back and better than ever.

So let's start with Tiago@VRSF. Tiago got my product shipped out to me way faster than I expected. Packaging was nicely done and the product itself looked great. Love the VRSF logo on the downpipe. Adds to the aesthetics. & I've read all about the poor fitment issues all the N20/26 platforms are having with the downpipes. But there was not one fitment issue we ran into with my n55.

My mechanic did the install in record timing, I feel like it couldn't have been longer than 40 min. Once it was on the lift, he started taking off the OEM cat. The only issue we ran into was that the nut on the C clamp was rusted on. He put the blowtorch to it in hopes that would loosen it up, but it actually snapped in half due to corrosion. Luckily for me he had an extra one laying around the shop because I didn't order a new one with the VRSF downpipe.

First impressions: The note of the exhaust was changed pretty drastically IMO(for the better). Car sounds way more aggressive now and not so tame. I don't understand why BMW manufactures their cars so restrictive, but none the less the catted downpipe gave me the tone I was looking for. Burbles are more pronounced and when I close the valve on the MPE, car sounds stock again.
As for the drive, I feel like there's a lot less back pressure now. Car feels way more responsive. Can't wait to throw JB4 on it and reap some real power gains.
Oh yeah, and no CEL!

Enjoy the pics and the vid

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