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Originally Posted by c1pher View Post
There you go. If it is so complicated no simple person can understand it, as you have pointed out I am, and you are incapable of explaining it, you have a severe marketing problem.

No, perhaps you have a reading/comprehension problem. A reasonably intelligent 12 year old could figure this out.

We conservatives rail on Democrats being hopelessly uninformed in areas we deem important. But (and the majority of my friends are conservative) Conservatives in certain areas are all like birds of a feather that flock together. I actually find it it interesting and sad. My live revolves around learning, science, handgun instruction, American History, WWII, ancient History, Bible study. I live for it. To close one's mind is sad.

Socrates got it right 2500 years ago..."know thyself" so I would long as you do then things like denying GW are minor. And BTW I understand DemocRats are playing to this issue and wasting everyone's time and money. It can't be fixed...its gone too far. So at least don't lump me in that bag of coal.