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E-Sys To Disable Headlight Washers

I am needing to disable my windshield wipers for various reasons.

I am new to the E-sys environment but I have an ENET cable on hand and have been doing some research on how to use the E-sys system. I am noticing that there is chatter about TokenBuster creating a program that generated tokens for free E-sys usage but that seems to have been taken down by now. I also cant seem to find a place to download the system and launcher to begin with.

My question is this. Can someone please briefly tell/explain to me if there is an easy/free way for me to get E-sys/launcher if I am just going to use it to disable the headlight washers? Maybe an old version that has this capability that is readily available. I have found the code to disable the washers I just need to get into the E-sys program if possible. (3080  WW_SCHEINWERFERREININUNG set to: nicht_aktiv)

If not, has anyone pinpointed which fuse to pull to disable the washers? Id be willing to atleast give it a try to see if it throws a code and if not that would be a sufficient enough solution to my problem.

Thanks in advance!