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Originally Posted by Maynard View Post
If you can sit in the berm around a corner waiting to catch speeders, why can't (don't) they let you sit outside a bar and grab the people obviously sloshing into their cars? Is this all just pressure from the businesses? Not saying stop everybody who comes out, but there are often people exhibiting clear signs of impairment just trying to get into their cars or out of the lot.

And BTW, great thread!
This occurs more often than you realize. The law enforcement agency that provides service(s) in my city regularly makes DUI arrests at the local hangouts. It got so bad for the business that Toby Keith's lost their liquor license and closed down; a new business called Punchbowl Social opened up in its place. In downtown Fullerton the P.D. regularly makes DUI arrests as well. They sit back and observe patrons who are 647(f) - the California penal code for "Public Intoxication" - and either make contact while the individual(s) is/are on public streets or the officers/deputies wait for them to enter a vehicle and promptly arrest them for DUI even if they haven't driven off yet. Entering a vehicle intoxicated shows intent and is a violation of that particular vehicle code. Unfortunately every department is understaffed, so there simply isn't enough manpower to perform directed enforcement at every business that sells liquor. Another factor is avoidance. The CHP loves to make DUI arrests and vehicle theft arrests; local police/sheriff's departments don't. In many cases my department will have CHP handle all DUI's/crashes, and our units will handle all crime calls. Many officers/deputies just don't like to spend their time with DUI's.

Thanks BTW! This thread turned out exactly how I intended. I wanted this thread to be informative and productive, so I appreciate those who have participated. I also appreciate the civility of the discussions.

Originally Posted by Gesler View Post
In SoCal, people drive slow all the time on the left most lanes. Others end up passing on the right, sometimes going 2-3 lanes to the right. This is very risky. All it takes is one slow vehicle going at 65 on the left most lane and there are 20-30 vehicles clustered behind and beside it, with an empty stretch of road in front.

Why is there not more education or publicity on driving on the right lanes and allowing faster drivers to pass on the left most lane?
I agree 100%. We often pull people over for driving too slow for conditions even if they are driving the posted limit. It is very dangerous.

The question that you've posed is a very good one. I wish we educated more, but we don't, and I don't know the reason why. I think that's a systematic and somewhat cultural issue we have here in the states. Most people get it, but many others fail to employ such basic driving behavior. Add to that the huge number of illegal residents (...who weren't educated on the driving habits of this country) also behind the wheel on our streets and freeways, and therein creates the perfect storm for accidents to occur.