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Originally Posted by Michael340i View Post
Yes it can be done, but would be extremely difficult, and would give you a car with negligible resale value.

As others have said, just buy a M4, then you get the transmission, suspension, brakes, seats, dashboard, and it all works together. Or tune your current engine if you just want more performance.
I think he wants an x drive with more power so tuning is the best option. Or actually since it's a 420 maybe just get a 440ix and tune that. Engine swap just seems ridiculous lol. Not sure if it's a serious question or just a curiousty on the OP. Technically anything is possible. Tuned 440ix with bootmod or even jb4 would make more power than stock M4 and give you all wheel drive grip why would you want to swap an S55 and it costs way more if you could even do it. Or maybe tune a 435ix if on a budget.