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Fresh outta ideas- misfire still present F32/N55

I'm beyond my repair capabilities now. I have had no luck with replacing the spark plugs and the coil on the cylinder number 5 that had been showing a misfire code. Now I'm off to the repair shop tomorrow and I hope it's not something too awful. Cause before and after the plugs and that coil were replaced I'm still getting these same codes: 140010 Misfire, several cylinders- damage to catalytic converters or damaging exhaust gas. 140510 Combustion misfire, cylinder 5: detected 140001 Misfire, several cylinders: Fuel injection is switched off 14501 Misfire cylinder 5: injection is switched off 140002 misfire, several cylinders: damaging exhaust gas after starting up 140502 misfire, cylinder 5: Damaging exhaust gas after starting up.

Fuel injector perhaps?