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Originally Posted by XutvJet View Post
Just remember, "Atlanta is an hour away from Atlanta".

It's a great town, but I found it pretty terrible if you have to work, commute, and/or travel out of Hartsfield. The traffic is just boggling. I lived in Alpharetta and my office was at GA400 and the perimeter. My drive was 11 miles. If I left at 6am, I could usually get to work by 645am. If I left at 4pm, I could get home by 430-450pm. If I delayed going into or leaving work by 15-30 minutes, my commute time increased by 20-30+ minutes. I don't mind driving so as long as I'm moving, but living in crawling ATL traffic is annoying as hell. It would take my wife 30-45 minutes to go to the post office that was 3 miles from our house. I've found the traffic in LA, Chicago, and DC to be be more acceptable than ATL traffic. I just can't handle not knowing how long it may take me to get somewhere. In ATL, getting across town might take you 30 minutes or 3 hours.

If I moved back to GA, it would be La Grange or north GA. ATL is good for visiting and terrible if you value free time. I worked with people that commuted 2-3+ hours a day. I also found it amusing that the majority I met in the area were transplants from the Northeast. Lots and lots of NY and NJ people in ATL.
+1. On the flip side one can make some serious lifestyle concessions and have a 20-25 minute commute.

It's all about trade-offs.
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