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Bilstein B16 Ridecontrol/iRC - Comfort/Ride Height?

I drive a 2014 335i M Sport. Do NOT have the adaptive suspension (kicking myself for that).

Unfortunately I drive in Houston on some pretty awful roads. The stock "M sport" suspension seems VERY harsh to me. I don't mind stiffness, but it seems harsh. I also notice more body roll than acceptable and certainly less confidence inspiring than my E90.

I've been looking at the B16 Ridecontrol coilovers as a potential solution to both handling/body roll and ride comfort issues. HOWEVER, I'm concerned that the lowered ride height will be an issue. I have the m performance front lip so I'm already risking scraping if I'm not careful. The shop I talked to seems to think the B16s can be set to near OEM height based on their previous installations, even though Bilstein quotes the drop at 30-50mm (20-40mm for m sports which are already dropped 10mm, I assume).

Does anyone have any thoughts/impressions on max ride height and/or the comfort of the "comfort" setting versus the stock m sport suspension?

Thanks very much!

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