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Never imagined choosing a wheel would be so difficult

Especially since I already know what I like (5-Y shape as concave as possible), I know the setup in want (19x8 F, 19x9.5 R) and I already know my budget ($2k maybe a bit more).
The thing is, there are some unknown brands that offer cheap but full forged wheels.

Obviously, full forged is better than cast or flow formed, but on the other hand, I tend to trust a well known brand, rather than a brand I know nothing about.

I found the VS Forged VS08 that I like. Full Forged, lightweight, the design I like, and even within my budget more or less.

BUT, I can't find any review on this wheel or this company. They don't really say anything about the manufacturing process of the wheel on their web site.
I found on the net a dealer that said they are constructed under a pressure of 1500lb, and I know other brands are using up to 10,000lb pressure for full forged wheels.

Does it mean I shouldn't buy it? Is it better than Flow Formed wheels from a well know brand?

It's really hard to take decisions with so little reliable information.

If it was the same price range, What would you do?

Would you go for a well known brand and settle for flow formed wheel, or go for an uknown brand that offers full forged wheel?