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Originally Posted by xenon View Post
Almost certainly a broken spring. They tend to go at the bottom coil but the rest of the spring settles in the cup. My OSR spring broke and was exactly as you describe. Easy DIY change if you have a reasonable trolley jack and pry bar.
Xenon - you were spot on

I jacked up the car and removed the wheel and I could (just) see that the bottom coil had snapped. Very difficult to see, I tried to get a picture but couldn't get anything clear enough to post with my phone. If you just looked at it quickly it really wouldn't be obvious. But I could see 5 coils on the osr and 6 on the nsr so that was another check. The spring didn't look at all rusty, all shiny black so not sure if it was corrosion or just the shite roads that caused it to break.

The spring had a barcode on it marked 'ED' - don't know if that means anything

Anyway, looks like it's an easy change looking at Youtube vids, seems I need an E18 torx socket - is that right ?

Other than that looks very straightforward. although any top tips from anyone that's done the job will be welcome !