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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post
Automotive magazines exist for one purpose and one purpose only:

To sell automotive magazines.

Look, you don't want to hear this but I'm going to say it anyway. There is nothing wrong with the BMW 3 Series. Your problem isn't the car, your problem is you. BMWs customers have spoken, and we got exactly what we wanted. The car is larger, softer, more powerful, and more comfortable. All for virtually the same money. The 30-year-old E36 driver of 20 years ago is now 50. He grew up. He doesn't use local streets as a dragstrip anymore. He needs a car that's larger to haul the kids and the family dog, he needs a car that's softer to relieve the pain on his aching back, he needs a car with all new technology to support his iOS devices habit.

Nobody cares about hydraulic steering, unsprung weight, road feel, exhaust notes or any of that other faux-enthusiast nonsense anymore. We're not 30, we're 50. BMW wouldn't have built the car this way if the facts were different. The car has moved on; now so must you.

How is an magazine journalist any different then an internet journalist? Its selling something. I never said I didn't like the new F30 if anything I 've defended its turbo 4 pretty thoroughly. What I did say is that NO CAR IS PERFECT and if you believe so you're afraid to face the truth.

"Nobody cares about hydraulic steering, unsprung weight, road feel, exhaust notes or any of that other faux-enthusiast nonsense anymore."?????? you honestly believe that

If that is true , then why continue to tweak the car? This statement alone proves to me that you know nothing about the car other than the badge.I'm confused at this point , with all your wants, why you didn't just buy a lexus.So the way I see it the problem is you. People like you will continue to dilute the brand until the 3 is a shell of its self. If all you said is true, then why does the M3 even exist??? It fits 4 comfortably, has a good size trunk and will do everything the 328 will do only with more composure and speed .It has great seats and is great for the long haul too,,,so tell me, being the "elitist" you are , why didn't you pony up the cash for one???....I think we all know the answer. So plug in your new I phone, put your windows down, hang your arm out the window and drown out out the world. With the range of cars I have , I do continue to move on. You seem to be the one thats stuck in this little world you've created for yourself, where everything you have is better than everyone elses. NOW, I'm gonna tell you something you don't want to hear, that someone is always faster, has more money and has a bigger house.......and to give you a little back ground on me since you've assumed I'm some punk kid that has a modded mazda, The only car I've ever owned that was Japanese was a Skyline. I just turned 40 , I'm 2nd Generation American.Both sides of my family came from Germany.Stuttgart and Regensburg . I've spent countless hours of track time, because nobody's perfect, there is always room for improvement. I don't race on the streets , I don't have the need. I've been with the same gorgeous woman since I was 17. She's a natural when it comes to driving and she can run with the fast group.She had Zero interest in driving on a track when she met me , but she sure as hell wasn't gonna sit there and just look pretty.My family owns a heavy Equipment sales and leasing business which has afforded me some great opportunities . Since getting drilled by some idiot about 5yrs while riding my R6 I've been laid up nursing a broken C3,C4. Luckily I'm still walking and moving my arms without any problems, but there was nerve damage done to my occipital nerve which causes excrutiating pain.. I've been financially very blessed, but I was also made to do every dirty job from the time I was able to hold a broom or mop. I've had to work my way to the top of my own business. Work shoulder to shoulder with the men who work for me. I could care less having the latest smart phone. I refuse to be that idiot standing in line waiting for the latest , greatest phone just because its comes in a new color. Those are garnish to me . Sure its nice to have my samsung when I need it,, but lets be real ,, thats rare in the grand scheme of things. I have a truck that gets my dog back and forth with me and the seats in it are just fine
So keep telling yourself ,your 328 is the ultimate of all BMWs , that 335 owners don't really own BMW's because of where they are made and that everyone else makes crap.This a BMW site , not a 328 site. I'm sure the next time BMW needs consumer input they will just call you because you insist on speaking for all of "us" . I'll look forward to the next poker that comes down the line

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