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Originally Posted by Reznick View Post
I'm in FULL agreement. LOCK IT DOWN so these guys quit spewing such nonsense. My knickers are starting to twist too..I can hardly say Cadillac anymore and I own one.....oh wait thats right its impossible to own both a BMW and a Cadillac. We all know that one is sheer perfection and the other one is utter crap. I don't know what I was thinking. I musta been having a really bad day.Time to trade everything in for a whole fleet of 328's because BJ has finally convinced me . I now see how wrong I've been.Giving other cars a test drive and looking them over is just stupid. From here on in I'll be a good boy and stay close to the flock. I will never stray again. All hail the mighty 328The greatest car ever built period......sorry 335, M3 5 series ,M5 and so on drivers. I have been corrected and you too should quickly drop your cars because they aren't "real" BMW's . I see now that saying another manufacturer has made a good car is a HUGE mistake. Go back through and read all of my posts. I never once said anything bad about the new 3. I personally like it.I just stopped and got some For Sale signs. I'm just taking the first offer I get . The more I think about having those filthy cars in my possession the more it really bothers me. Thank you all for helping me with my problem of liking cars. I see now that I most follow blindly .Please forgive me . MAybe some day we could get together and knock a few back. Cheers

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