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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post
I've read college term papers that are shorter than some of your responses.

I'll wait for the movie version, thank you.

What can I say. Every once in a while I like to educate the "elitists" on what their cars have in em and the technical aspects, from a "drivers" point of view. A 3.6 would be 3.6 liters. CAn you guess what comes in your 328? , its not a 3.28 liter.Yes my one response was huge , but I find it amusing your only response is "BMW 328 is the greatest" . Its kind of the equivalent of a 4 year old plugging his ears going"LaLaLaLaLaLa I can't hear you".I could talk for days with other track junkies about trail braking into a decreasing radius curve, but that would surely be lost on you . So I'll end where I started.I love both cars.I currently own 3 BMW's and I'm anxiously awaiting the 4 series. You can hate the looks of the ATS , but #'s don't lie. These cars are very close.

"Perhaps I should buy them an E46. They're all over the place, they're dirt cheap, and it seems to be all these whiners want to talk about. BJ"

And there you go again talking about buying people "cheap" cars as though you could really afford it. There's a reason people love these cars but once again you'd have no idea. So while you're waiting for "the movie version" of my responses, I'll patiently wait for for to grow up and quit playing in daddy's shoe's.Until then I'll get a good laugh out of you one line answer you have to every thread on here."BMW 328 is the greatest!" BTW you never did answer my question why you didn't consider an e90 M3?. It would fit the bill for everything you need. But I can imagine that you wouldn't want to be seen in such an "old " car. But its still good to know that no matter what kind of BMW we all may have , its a brotherhood and we all stick together ...right?