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To be fit for Series 4 (The NEW series), they need to do more. If they still use F30 headlight for Series 4 F32 or E82 then this is too lazy for BMW, it is like E46 coupe and sedan (minor different) and should call this 3 Coupe.
Even the E92 are more suitable for calling Series 4 since E90 and E92 doesn't share too much design (it stand apart, headlights are different shape at all and Taillight also base from different design).

Yes, This is how it should be S3 and S4

And see F30 to F32 RENDER!! if it is true as render then BMW is now LAZY.

Same light just cut the door out, Ehhh?!

And see Series 5 F10, it is a reviewer say "the same sausage, cut to a different length".
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