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Headrest question

I noticed on my new 328 that the driver side head rest was not down all the way when I bought it. I tried pushing it down (pressing the button of course) and it would not go all the way down. The passenger side seat rest was in fact all the way down. So I lifted the driver's side one all the way up and then it went all the way down no problem.
So of course being the the curious one I was I lifted the passenger side one up to see if it would go all the way back down. If course it didn't. No matter what I did it would not go back down.
Since I was taking my car in for a wheel balance issue I had them look at it. They had several 328's in stock that had the head rest was all the way down but when they lifted it up like I did, it would not return all the way back down.
And by that I mean the bottom of the head rest resting on the top of the seat. Every one except my driver's side one stops at the lowest detent a little over a inch or so above the seat.
My dealer is kinda stumped as to why my driver side goes all the way down but none of the rest do and yet when the car's were delivered almost all of them were all the way down.

Has anyone else noticed this?? Does yours go all the way down?