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Originally Posted by ft1337 View Post
Dude I don't get it, maybe your account was hacked into by a troll?

I know you from your ED thread, and you seemed so (over-)enthusiastic? Now it's the total opposite. How can you be giddy like a little school girl over a new car and take 500,000 photos of it and then call it unsatisfying less than a year later? I don't know you but hopefully you're not the kind of superficial guy that changes minds every other day about everything, because then you're in for a big disappointment with anything really.

How the fuck can a Honda Accord drive faster than you? Have you checked that your handbrake wasn't engaged?

No hacking, it's me, the one making the long ED thread...
I guess Monday is turning me into a troll...

First OF All, I still love this car, from an esthetic, design stand point...
I love it that i am part of the first owners of this F30...
to my eyes, this car is so beautiful !!
I love it,
i especially love the rear 3/4 view.. the side view...

2nd of all, this car is the best car i have ever got myself,

I dont think i am a superficial guy.
Again, i just think it's because monday, that is bringing so much negativity in me out...

How the fuck can an Accord drive faster than me ?
LOL no the handbrake wasn't engaged.

Last Saturday,
heading to the BMW dealership for an oil top-off (i could have done it myself)
I was on surface street, just pulling off from a green light...
on my right side, i notice a early 90s accord
pulling away from me, half a car's length...
i must be around 30-40 mph...

he must a tad faster... and accelerating..

I stayed in Comfort mode...

for a little bit of fun, i give it a friendly chase, but i didn't want to be like a dick on surface street.
so i stayed below 60, but that Accord was ahead of me the entire time...

I guess part of my discomfort and temporary disappoitment over my car are due to:
1) i didn't switch to sPORT Mode
2) I DIDN'T tried hard enough to over take that accord, didn't smashed the throttle
3) didn't use the whole potential of THE f30...
4) i thought it would have been easier for me (with my F30) to over-take that Accord.

but that was not the only time,
i have noticed on several occasion:

a lot of "boring" beige Blend cars (read family sedans) drive as fast as me,
and are able to keep up with me so easily??

Must be that Legendary Camry 2.2 effect...

I thought i got myself a fast car, but everytime it happens, i am starting to doubt??

"Did people pay half of what i did, and still got a car that is even more efficient than my 335 ?"
It would seem that nowadays, you can get a fairly decent fast car for half of 335i money...

I have never driven anything else than 3 series, so i am not exactly sure how it feels to drive a beige car (poor me right?)
I should try to test drive a Camry or Altima one of those days, and see what i am missing out..

Originally Posted by ric124 View Post
My friend it sounds like you got out driven by the driver of the accord dont blame the car, it happens.

Consumption is not why you bought a 335i although I do get better consumption than what I was getting in my Gti.

Dont order a luxury line and complain about bounciness IMHO, My car is a bit bouncy in comfort/eco but very nice in Sport/Sport+ but my setup is also sport line with Adaptive M with H&R Sport.

nah dont think you have high expectations just think you ordered the wrong line

I think you are right... must be a case of out-driven..

As far as consumption goes, it has been advertised that the 335i would be more efficient than previous generation engines..
but when i compare it to my E36, it's doing about the same if not worse... why i wonder:

1) is it because i am having so much fun and therefore push the 335i more than i would with the E36 328i?
2) But then again, i used to push my 328i even harder. I know i used to drive my E36 with less care than the brand new F30.
(i think i am fairly gentle with the F30, as i avoid racking up tickets, and have gotten myself a bit more mature) so what gives?
3) is it because i am doing a lot more surface/urban/suburban streets with stop and go traffic light commute?
Is that why i am only getting about (at best) 270 miles per full tank ? only a rare occasion do i get 330miles/tank if i do freeway exclusively.

I am not sure how you guys get 500 miles per tank?

4) is it because i rarely use Eco-mode, i can't help it: the 335i is begging me to step on it all the time, and to produce that nice exhaust notes

I didn't think (and still think) that the difference in line could not possibly be a reason for a different car dynamics.

I do concur that the Adaptive M (with or without after-market suspension) would bring a better feel and response...

but i would think a Sport Line with stock suspension would practically be the same as a Modern or Lux line.
BMW couldn't design a 3 series as bouncy as this... the E90 Premium would feel even better than my F30 luxury...

I am gonna try to save up for a nice suspension upgrade... Eibach/Bilstein Coil Over spring...

Originally Posted by tdizzle View Post
I don't even know how to address this. My sport line 335i just zooms. I'm confident that 90% cars on the road wouldn't have a shot at keeping up with me when I press the go pedal. Even on bad Mississippi roads, on the wee comfort setting, she stays firmly planted. Put it in sport or sport+ and who needs to bother with braking in a turn...

As far as consumption? Sheesh, 85% city driving I'm getting 24. Set cruise control on the highway at 78mph and I'm seeing 32-33. My tank can hit near 500 miles on a tank on the highway, and in my mostly city normal driving, I'm getting 410-430 depending on how many times I want to really get on it. Cars passing me up on the highway? Not happening unless I want them to. For fun, I got on the on ramp and saw a line of cars coming, and (from an almost dead stop) I was breaking 90mph before I had to even merge, well ahead of the pesky traffic.

Sorry, but I don't see the problems you've mentioned in my car. Not saying this is the best car in the world by any means but the luxury to performance ratio is way up there. I'd only compare it to the S4, which when comparatively equipped, would've set me back another 4k or so.

Maybe my personal results are skewed because I've had all honda's (civics and accords) before this and a 4x4 F150 with a 5.4ltr V8 that guzzled gas...
I dont know how to say it... but i guess, and i hope via your questions here, i would be able to better answer you and define what i am trying to say:

My car does zooms (when compared to other cars that drive the posted speed limit)
but when i am pushing and someone else comes along pushing their car too, i find myself about the same as theirs...

the 335i is not as much the god as i thought it would be...
do I have to find myself in outrageous speed to start feeling like i have a good car?

I didn't think i have to push my car that hard to feel like i have a special car...
i thought getting the 335i would be enough to beat and be above the rest...

But pushing it so hard does make my consumption goes down so fast,
so as a result, i go easy, and yet i dont get and have never gotten more than 400 miles / full tank...

what are you guys smoking?/ or what am i doing wrong ??

I am getting tired of driving like a teenage boy,
i am tired of getting tickets and paying insurance so much money for it
i am tired of low consumption because of pedal to the metal

So that's why i got myself a 335i,
but now that i got it, i didn't get the satisfaction that i was expecting...

driving the 335i like a hooligan is no proper way to follow the rules
and and costing so much gas money

In the end i feel like i am driving my 335i as my grandma would, and it's killing the driver that is within myself.

Again: what am i doing wrong?? Help please?

Do i have to get myself a miata to get my speed fix? or simply drive my E36 again...

Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
A few things.

In traffic my N20 gets 300 miles on a full tank. Any car is going to suffer in traffic. Now on the highway i can get 40mpg, and others have said they get over 34mpg in their N55 which works out great for me since i do a lot of highway driving.

Old accords faster than an N55? Not sure what you mean there...

The suspension on your luxury non sport suspension Bmw is bouncy...Yes, it will be bouncy. If you expected Bmw driving dynamics why didn't you get the sportline?

The N20 is a great application in the F30, but it has it's drawbacks. It runs out of steam quickly after 5000rpm. And i wish it had quicker acceleration at highway speeds.

Also, does your car have the sport auto? It makes a big difference, and is really brings the car to life.

People have a lot of praise because they got a 335 that is capable if meeting expectations(sport models, sport transmissions, sport suspensions, sport seats...)

Not trying to flame you but it really does sounds like you got the wrong model(luxury) for based on your expectations. What made you choose luxury?

Thank you for your reassurance, a comparison with the F30 328i traffic consumption makes more sense to me now.
can someone else confirm that too?

For some reason, i feel more satisfaction driving my E36 than my F30...
When buying the F30, and know how much more power it has over my E36, i thought would enjoy the "300" ponies...
... it's fast... but not as fast as i thought... or expected... maybe the soft side of it killed any sensation of speed.

Maybe one day, i will do an engine swap putting the N55 into my E36 :P

now that would be fun!

I dont have the 8speed Sport Auto... i know that the 8AT would be a such a nice transmission to have...
when buying the car, i went blindly and pre-ordered, without testing and dismissing the AT for being any good...

Back then i didn't how good the 8AT would be... oh boy i am wrong...

Having said that, the 6MT is as good as any of the previous generation BMW transmission.
I feel the turbo is the double edge sword.

mid-range and high up in the rev, it makes the car very fast...
but low range, you feel the lag compared to a non turbo car.
I know BMW already did an excellent job at killing any turbo lag, it but certainly NOT non-existent.

I know people praises the F30.
and i believe them and i am "proud" to be driving a car with so much praises
i still do...
but i just can't fully agree with all.

Am i just spoiled?? should i be driving a "slower" car to make myself realize how much better off i am with the F30?
should i be driving a "beiger" car to make me appreciate more what i have??

are my senses screwed because i have no other references than my E36??

I am not taking any offenses from you when you all said i took the wrong line...
I dont regret choosing that luxury line,

i just dont think the line difference can make our cars so "different"!?

I would like to see a proper dynamic test between the F30 lines!
I dont think we have ever seen that kind of test...

i want to see scientific proof

Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
It sounds like you failed to test drive both before you bought can't blame BMW for you not choosing the right car.

I didn't test drive any car when buying my F30...

I went blindly ordering my 335i luxury, when it didn't go on sale yet.

So yes i am guilty from your accusation... but i dont think i made the wrong choice yet.

I probably would have been more disappointed with the 328i.

I think i will start fixing my E36 328i and make it a proper sport car, the the F30 as a DD.

Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
Well, of course older accords can drive faster, most cars can hit 100mph. But if anyone honestly believes an accord(i dont care what year it is) is faster than an N55 they need their head examined.

What is sounds like is you needed a sportline but ended up getting a luxury model.

i probably went easy with that accord, being on surface street and all.
i didn't want to go ballistic...

... i just thought it would have been much easier for the F30 to over take any car... especially a pre-90's Accord.

Originally Posted by Mrcarcrazy View Post
I smell a troll. I feel like I'm being baited to lash out with I'll then get reported and banned...walking away with just a
LOL you are a smart one ! didn't fall for the trap huh?!
We all love our cars with Passion, but it doesn't mean we need to get nasty as soon as someone talks bad about our cars.

I love my car, but i feel somehow bumped because it's not yet what i expected, or at least didn't get what i expected.
I guess i need to throw more money at it...