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Originally Posted by Han So1o View Post
So I checked this out...

Settings-->climate. --> activate parked car vent.

It's greyed out when the car isn't off. But when you hit the start stop button to turn off the car, u can then select it. You can't store this in a preset, but you can store the climate selection In settings as a preset. This will bring you to the options and then you can quickly select the parked car vent.

Thanks for your help fellas.
OK, I'm confused. I thought this was to ventilate the car to cool it down or keep it cool. And I thought the 'rest' feature was to keep the car *warm*. I have this option, but I cannot find anything that even remotely resembles 'rest'. Nor can I find the alleged 'ALL' button to set both temp controls simultaneously. Anyone know where that one is? BTW, I have a 2013 335 Sportline, Premium, Technology pkg, etc...