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Originally Posted by Seraphblade@sg View Post
From the looks of it, it seem to be tapping / hijacking the TMAP or MAP sensor?

So without the other connections, does this run a straight +x PSI across all RPM ranges? Dun think there is any way to obtain RPM values thru these 2 ports.

The way it behaves is almost similar to the JB Stage 1, but that also took 4 connections - boost solenoid, TMAP, MAP and MAF.
Originally Posted by mateusz0147 View Post
hmmm so if it is only one sensor does that mean your only lying to the ecu about the boost? and nothing else. and if that is the case is that not very bad for the engine since its not getting the right air fuel mixture? and have you had a chance to check this out on a catless n26? and can this be detected when i take it to a dealership if i unplug it and take it out.
The installation instructions are right on the product page but the unit connects to the MAP sensor (boost sensor on the intake pipe). Straight boost increase across the rev range. Tis not a very complicated device like its bigger brother. Just a simple boost controller for those that simply want more power. Most other stage 1 tunes connect 2 sensors (MAP and TMAP) but in some applications (like the BMW N20) you can get away with just attached in at the MAP sensor and getting the bulk of the gains. On other applications however (Audi as an example) in order to get any meaningful gains you have to attach to both sensors. Just doing one or the other yields very minimal gains. Made sense to us in order to offer a very attractive price point to just streamline it as much as possible as you are getting nearly the same gains as going to both sensors.

Like pretty much every other piggyback on the market, fuel, timing, and other variables are being adjusted by the factory DME. To my knowledge the full warrantied DINANTRONICS is the only unit that manages those variables in any other way.

We do not do any testing on CATless as it is not emissions legal. It will work fine though. Just have CEL is all. N26/N20 will yields the same gains (with CATs) as the N26 has a more restrictive Cat that hinders performance at the top end. As you can see in the graph above the top end additions are pretty minimal to begin with so the higher squid count on the N26 CAT and its hindrance on power has very little effect on this tune.

Any tune can be detected. If anyone tells you otherwise they are lying. While the dealership techs may not have the tools to find evidence of a tune per se it can be determined should a large warranty claim come up by BMW/PUMA. This device dos not hold the typical Dinan warranty and is simply a workmanship and defect 1 year warranty for all intents and puroposes (like everyone else) so it should be treated as such.