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Originally Posted by svache View Post
Little heads up guys, I have got the rear-view and top-view camera's working at all speeds, I only need to find the time-out of them (like in normal use, after a while they shut down through a time-out).

Something else I did is adding a few possible settings for the Sports Display. The display can now show other values.. KW, HP, LB_ft, Kg/M etc.

Other than this I didn't have much time to do much more...Tomorrow is memorial day so I doubt I'll be doing much, will add more when I have more
I noticed on my recent ED that the sport display defaulted to HP and ft/lbs when I changed my speed/distance settings to kph and kms. Not sure if this is a new feature or available since earlier production models.

Any chance on enabling the speed limit info for cars equipped with the driver's assistance package (and thus all the necessary hardware)?