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Originally Posted by bmw328jc View Post
yeah I'm sure that can cause some problems. I will give it a shot and see what happens. Just to be curious what version of Windows are you running? i have a laptop running Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit that i could use but its my work PC and prefer not to.
I'm running the software on both a laptop and desktop pc with Windows 7 64bit installed on them. I do my coding on the laptop and browsing through the code mostly on my desktop

Originally Posted by utnuc View Post
svache, any progress with the F30 SLI? I'm curious to know if it could work with the 2013 ZDA package only + coding.
I have honestly no idea, my hands are pretty much tied as I have this option installed from the beginning so I cannot test this. In order to test it for the F30, we need people with F30's who don't have it installed and are willing to try things out. The F10 guys are a bit stuck at the moment, they are trying to compare their code to that of the F10's that had it installed from factory, to see if they can find out what they need to do in order to get it running. From what I understand, you need to have at least the high beam assistant and driver assist package (like lane assist and blind spot warning), I am unsure if there was more that they need. You can check here how far they are with the F10: (and there's a lot more in that other topic but this is the latest since they split the two topics so they could have one that concentrates on SLI).

Originally Posted by Sephanite View Post
i have the cord from car into a USB. Is there any variation in this setup?
From what I read, you can only read error codes with that, it will be non-functional for e-sys to actually code with. Again, this is just what I read elsewhere, not from my own experience. You can, of course, try it out but chances are likely that it wont work.
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