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Originally Posted by X6DB View Post
Does anyone know if this works on the F12/F13 6 series? I'd love to do some coding!
From what I understand, it should work on all F series

Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Your research and work on this are great, and obviously will be very helpful to a lot of us.

There are 2 major things I'd like changed.
1- ASS off by default. Or, remember last setting.
2- Remember last "drive mode" setting, such as 'normal' 'sport', etc..., or "sport" default.

I'm curious if anyone has had any success with asking their dealer to change a few items before picking up their new car?
I'm going to ask my CA if one of the tech's can at least change the 2 things I'm wondering about.
It would be great to know where those parameters reside so that I can tell the tech, in case they will do it for me.

Once you've got it figured out, can you post relevant "coding" info that I could give to the tech?
The ASS memory setting and off by default are both already available. I'm still working on the last drive mode (so I can have my wife drive in Eco-Pro only ).

I doubt dealers will be able to do these chances for you. If it is true what I've heard, then they have no access to these parts of the code like we do (then again, that's hearsay, I cannot confirm or deny anything there).

Originally Posted by txnewbie View Post
I am also extremely curious if you can have the system remember the last driving setting, e.g. Sport mode. Svache any luck with this yet?
Still working on it, need to get my wife drive in Eco-Pro only (have to be honest, didn't really search for it yet, will probably do so soon )
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Note: Many PM me for links to the software needed to code. Please note that I do not have download links to this software. Your best bet is using the search function in the coding thread