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Originally Posted by svache View Post
Awesome! Glad it all worked out

Btw, could you add the chances you did (that aren't in my cheat sheet yet) so I can add them to the cheat sheet for everyone's references? (a bit like this: FEM_BODY -> 3060 LceMaster -> NSW_AUS_BEI_FL -> original: aktiv -> new: nicht_aktiv) thanks =)
Here's the one that sets the speed at which the mirrors automatically unfold. Tested it today and it works like a charm:

FEM_BODY -> 3110 PfExternalMirrorMaster -> ASP_GESCHWINDIGKEIT_AUTO_AUSKLAPPEN -> Original: werte = 28 -> New: werte = 14

I don't know whether the units are universally in km/h or whether they are coded for mph for US owners though. These are of course the hexadecimal speed numbers.

Also, noticed one difference in your cheat sheet to my configuration. In my car the LEGAL_DISCLAIMER_TIME timeout value is actually in section "3001 EXBOX" and not "3000 HMI".

Also changed just now:

HU_CIC -> 3000 HMI -> NAVI_TRAFFIC_INFO_MAP -> nicht_aktiv -> aktiv

This gives the Nav menu options to display traffic / gray map, however I don't know whether there is actually any traffic info yet. Will take a bit of driving to figure that out.