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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
Let's start there. ZGW_Search.exe will not run on 64-Bit OS. Right-click on it, go to properties, and set it to run in the XP SP2 Compatibility mode.

Launch ZGW_Search.exe, and give it a few minutes to populate.

ZGW_Search.exe though is an informational tool only, and is not needed at all for E-Sys to fucntion. So, regardless of ZGW_Search.exe working or not, launch E-Sys, and see if you can connect to the car.
it worked! Thanks!

Got ZGW_Search to work. Tried running E-Sys, and was able to connect. Now only problem is, I don't see F30 as a Target option?? lol

You must be getting annoyed by now (apologies, but new at this). lol
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