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Originally Posted by flightz71 View Post
Slightly disappointing. M concept translated to the product models pretty spot on. I didn't expect that crazy bumper wheels or interior from the concept the make it but am highly disappointed the headlights did not with the broken off inner corona ring to the grill! Moreover the concept looked much wider and more athletic... hope final car won't just be a "2-door 3" since they gave it a new name!
This is exactly what I think. I don't see why they ditched the history of the 3 if they don't seem to be making it more distinctive (relative to the E90 vs E92) or raising the price that much. These were the two reasons Scott26 hinted were the cause of the name change. On the other hand BMW has gotten REALLY good at camo, so I guess we won't really know until they reveal the production car.

Originally Posted by Fraggy View Post
The new wave of BMW buyer has been so obvious recently. More concern over aesthetics, than the true value of performance. BMW knows exactly who they are designing for, and hence the recent shift of focus.
Sadly you are correct. All my generation (and the one before it) cares about is acceleration, presence, and pointless technology.