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Hey Guys,

I can fully understand that many of you are currently a bit dissappointed.

The 4 series coupe concept is a really, really stunning car, that many, many people all over the internet fall in love with the very day it was released.

But please try not to forget, that it is a concept. The very reason for its existence is to tease people and to create interest for whatever might come down the road.

We all knew, that many of the concept car's details wouldn't make it into the production version. This has always been the case with concept cars.

I see it as follows:
- We will not get the concept car's front bumper. To me and many others this won't be a problem as many people didn't like its oversized air intakes anyway. Actually I think it was the concept car's one weak spot, if there was any. If, and I'm quite sure of that, we get an option to get a front bumber similar to the one on the F30 M sport, I'll be happy.

- We might not get the cool LED-technology front lights. I loved them on the concept car too, but I also love the Xenons on the current F30. So if we don't get the cool hexagonal LED lights that they mounted on the concept, we will still get something as cool as the F30 Xenons´, with their corona lights and the cool stripe above. I would even assume, that the LEDs lights will be offered as an upgrade option for those willing to pay for them. Alltogether the front of the F32 will look as good or even slightly better/sportier/more aggressive than the front of the F30, which, in my eyes, is already looking stunningly good (esp. in M sport trim).

- We will not get the real cool integrated exhaust pipes of the concept car. That one is hard for me, because I love them, but I'm realist enough to see that they are simply not feasible from the production point of view. I'm sure I can live with a normal exhaust pipe setup quite fine.

- We will not get the rear bumber shown on the concept car. To me this is no big deal, as I didn't like it that much anyway (apart from the exhaust pipes). I think a F30 style M sport bumber will do at least as fine, although I personally would prefer something a bit slimmer.

- We might not get the LED tail lights. I agree that the ones on the concept were really nice, but I also don't think that the non-LED ones on current production models are ugly either. The best thing is that the light units will very likely maintain the overall shape of the concept ones. For me that is much more important. Have you seen the flat and wide stance of the concept? The shape of the lights very much helped in underscoring the width of the car and the production tail lights won't do worse in that aspect.

- We will not get the overdressed interior of the concept. Rather will we see something that only deviates in minor details from what can be found in the F30. As I very much like the current F30 interior (again esp. in M sport trim), I do have absolutely no problem if there won't be any brown leather stitching as long as I get my beautiful alcantara seats, which I probably will get, being located in Germany. (Please don't be jealous, should you live in the US and therefore not be able to get it. Just remember that I pay almost 40% more for the car in its country of origin than what you pay for it after it has been shipped around half the world to reach you.)

- We will not get mirrors or door handles of the concept car. The F30 production ones, that will likely be found on the F32 production car are damn fine as well.

- We WILL, and this is really the best part, get a car that has almost exactly (if not exactly) the same sheet metal parts as the concept car. This in turn means, that the overall dimensions, shape, size and so on of the production car will be exactly what we have seen in the concept. I don't know what you guys have seen, but I have seen a car with a gorgeous shape, stance and silhuette. I have seen a masterpiece of modern design. A sculpture of a car. A car with perfect proportions. Heck, I would love to be able to buy one in 1:18 scale so that I could enjoy it on my desk until the real deal arrives! And none of the above will be destroyed by a different set of fenders or lights!
The E92 is one of the most beautiful cars around. But could you please do your own reality check and describe the differences between it and the E90? I found no significant ones other than the overall shape. To me bumpers, lights and mirrors are all basically (if not actually) the same. Still the E92 is gorgeous as will be the F32.

Differentiation between F30/F32, 3/4 series:
I actually do not care the least bit about BMWs naming sceme. I do not care about the naming of the engines, nor do I car about the naming of the chassis. As long as I know beforehand what I get, everything is fine.
To me these naming scemes are just a plot to manipulate uninformed non-enthusiasts.
For the mentioned extra of around 2000 € to 2500 €, they will not build you a car that is much better then the F30. How could they? In Germany that money will barely buy you the leather interior for the F30, so you expected that you get LED lights (front and rear), integrated exhaust pipes, stainless steel door handles, 20 inch wheels for that small amount of money? When you know that the price difference between the E90 and E92 has already been more than 2000 €? Come on.

I'm utterly convinced that the F32 will be a drop down gorgeous looking stunner of a coupe. Those of us that require the extra dose will be able to pair it with huge 20 inch wheels and m performance body kits.

I personally can hardly await the arrival of my 420d/425d (depending on price / engine characteristics) M sport, manual transmission, rear wheel drive, estoril blue or maybe some shade of grey beauty. In fact I can already see me drive it from the long roads of scandinavia over the mountain passes of the alps to the shores of the mediterranean sea...
And then I will wash it by hand! ;-)