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I wouldn't be so sure about it performing better.

In the current issue of the german car magazine "Auto Bild" they tested several current light systems and usually the Xenons still outperformed the LED systems (at least the one on the 6 series).

In addition there seem to be some manufacturing problems that still need to be sorted out. In the same issue of the magazine there was a list of all recent product recall campaigns and BMW was listed there with problems on the LED tail lights of several models.

From my point of view, LED is currently primarily a cosmetic thing. One that doesn't come cheap. And as I said, if we indeed only pay ~2500 € on top of a similar configured F30, I think that amount simply doesn't get us all of our wishes.
I'm sure that you can get those LEDs as an option if you are willing to pay some (probably hefty) extra for it. I'm happy that they try to maintain a reasonable price tag for all of us who can live without them.