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2013 328i with just over a 1000 miles so far. Couple of annoying problems
  1. Wind noise from passenger side over 50mph
  2. Glove compartment USB port doesn't recognize USB stick which works fine in the center armrest storage compartment USB port

Took the car in and had "team leader" drive with me and agree there was noise and should bring in to get fixed. On the scheduled service the service manager decided to tell me this is a "known" problem for which there is no fix, so wasted a bunch of time driving to the service dept to be told that.

The service manager also claimed the USB socket in the glove compartment can't deal with memory sticks larger than 1GB USB stick (I had used 4 & 8 Gbs). I very much doubt this (nothing in the manual says this) and will have to try and get fixed next time I feel like wasting time at this service department.
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