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Originally Posted by jzcrna View Post
I totally agree. I don't care what the reviews and claims are. Nobody is going to cross-shop BMW and Cadillac. GM was dumb to think that they would convert BMW drivers.

I agree that the only people that will be buying this car are present Cadillac owners or those who are tired of Acura or Infiniti. I think Acura is in real trouble IMHO.
I disagree. I bet there are many cross shoppers now for the ATS due to its handling, which in most of the reviews I've read, is better than the F30's. Will the typical "my shit don't stink, and NOTHING WILL EVER BEAT A 3 SERIES" shopper cross shop with a Cadillac? No. Just like how iPhone fans simply state how horrible Andriod is, and will never beat the iPhone. It truly is 'To each their own'. No need to hate that Cadillac has a contender.

BTW- this is coming from someone who has both a 335i and a CTS Coupe, AND actually test drove a F30 335i and 3.6 ATS.