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Originally Posted by cpippolo View Post
After two BMWs I was convinced I'd buy another. I leased the Z4 (82% residual!?) to bide my time when I traded my previous 335 to get the new one. After driving both the new 3 and the ATS, I prefer the handling of the ATS. F30 is not nearly as much fun as E90. BMW engines are superior, but will give up a little on the engine to gain in handling. I also prefer the CUE system to Idrive. Finally, I've had mechanical and/or electrical problems with both my BMWs, so ready to try something else. Cadillac's reliability has been good, so will go with the ATS with the 3.6 engine. While I've driven manual transmissions since I was 18, the autos are good enough now that I'm willing to make that change too. Maybe I'll come to regret the change, but willing to take the chance.

I don't really care what other people think my car says about me. I buy a car to satisfy me, and don't really care what others think. If BMW goes back to emphasizing performance over comfort and economy, I'll likely be back in a BMW in the future.

I'm always amazed at how sure people are of at the superiority of a particular car when they haven't driven the competitor.
Which 3 did you drive? Virtually everyone says that the adaptive steering/suspension work miracles for the 3. You also seem to be in a class of 1 regarding the CUE system. It's been universally panned. And while the ATS does have a responsive chassis, the steering is even more numb than that of the BMW. And if you're going AT, then the issue of transmissions comes into play, with the BMW 8AT considerably outperforming the 6AT in the Caddie. The engine is basically a corporate GM V6. Nice, but no N55. It's your money, but I would not go near that car, especially not in it's first year.