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Originally Posted by jzcrna View Post
I totally agree. I don't care what the reviews and claims are. Nobody is going to cross-shop BMW and Cadillac. GM was dumb to think that they would convert BMW drivers.

I agree that the only people that will be buying this car are present Cadillac owners or those who are tired of Acura or Infiniti. I think Acura is in real trouble IMHO.
I'm sorry, but you have made an idiotic statement. I am cross-shopping the Cadillac ATS and the BMW F30. I've owned three 3-Series BMWs since 1988 with a combined total of over 600,000 miles driven on them, so I'll rank myself as a diehard BMW owner. The ATS is a well assembled and attractive car. Once the 2.0T with a manual trans is available for a test drive, I will drive both cars back to back for my evaluation.

The only people who will not cross-shop BMW and Cadillac are those nubie BMW fanboyz who can only see blue and white propellers in their dreams and only care about how others perceive their status by driving a car with the Roundel affixed to the hood.

What the real issue is, Cadillac’s first attempt to take on the vaulted 3-series is so good right out of the box, it has you Bimmer-boys scared and doubting your selfworth.

Go get a Roundel tattoo.. Christ.

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