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Originally Posted by Never Convicted View Post
Which is probably what your dad said when they discontinued the 2002 and started the 3 Series. There will always be enthusiasts, whether you're one of them or not. Sales up year over year...again. I'll bet even a couple of enthusiasts bought one.

My dad never drove BMW's.

I have personally been around BMW's for a while. This is the first time I feel this threat to the brand-culture integrity. Did not feel it with the e90. Did not feel it with the e46.

Sure, I'm sure brands like Kia, Hyundai and even Subaru have enthusiasts too. BMW will be the next one. Commercial enthusiasts, ricing up cars and talking about how low they can drop the car, how awesome the sound system is, and how many subwoofers they can fit in the trunk.

I'd rather not be one of them.

Sales will likely be up AGAIN, next year. I never questioned that BMW will continue to sell cars. Actually, they will sell a lot of them! Just not likely to same people/demograph is has been attracting and selling to for the past 20 years.

Again, it's great for BMW ... bad for enthusiasts. The brand has a lot of pressure to appeal to more people. To become more bland. More "safe". Which probably means less people buying sport packages. Less people ordering Manual Transmissions. More 'user friendly' driving experiences (electronic steering). More 'ready-out-of-the-box', and less confusing options to pick from (aka, Sport, Modern and Luxury lines) and less customizations.

Oh SNAP, it's already happening! The future is here! Bring on the sales numbers!
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