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Originally Posted by AndrewC1989 View Post
Shipping times will probably vary based on your location. Pressing the option that says "shipping from the US" shows it would take 4-13 days, but that option costs an extra ~$150. The free option simply states they'll come within 6 weeks from China. Since the seller appears to be Chinese, I'm going to go on a limb and say that I highly doubt they'd observe black Friday and would post any discounts then. Might as well just order them now if you want them anytime soon.

Not sure why you think anyone here would know that. Message the seller and ask.
I used to work as the UNECE regulations team, and to be frank, DEPO products are actually categorized in the high tier/quality area when you compare with other Chinese companies.

Just so you guys know, DEPO is a company from Taiwan, and was sued by Daimler AG for patent related issues not long ago. I'd say if they are getting sued by the big boys, it means that their stuff are either too good or too competitive.

Though DEPO doesn't sell the stuff directly, the distributors however, does see profit in black friday sales, should keep track on the official dealers.

If not, just wait for 11/11, the eastern version of black friday. Normally a 15-30% off

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