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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
You're last paragraph there has me lost.

You responded to my post, which was to someone else about what they said, specifically about wanting more luxury items.
If you feel my comment upsets you, that's your issue not mine.
I can not apologize for something I didn't do. YOU decided to step in it.

Reading your comments shows me that you didn't read and understand my point, at all.
Insulting me with telling me that I "have no idea", tells me that I probably don't need, nor want, to discuss this with you any further.
You'll choose to misunderstand my points just so you can twist it and go on another rant, as you've already done.

Let's just be friendly at this point and agree to misunderstand each other and move along. Deal?
My last paragraph got you lost? You're saying there was no sarcasm in your line of "btw how nice that we now all know.. etc"? If that's indeed what you're saying then, yes, apparently I did misunderstood that part as I clearly read it as something that was written in a sarcastic way. However, I can't say it upset me, if it did, I would've replied quite differently, all I did was trying to explain something to you.

I could say quite a few things about the rest of your post but I feel I shouldn't. I'll skip to the last lines of your post instead and say that, sure, I'll leave it be for the sake of keeping the peace. As a matter of fact, did you chose not to reply to my earlier post, I would've done that already.
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