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Originally Posted by MarkW83 View Post
...and have you had chance to compare Comfort/Sport with the Adaptive Suspension? What's the ride quality like in Comfort?
It's incredibly ... serene ... in comfort mode, more so in Eco Pro because of throttle mappings. It feels like driving the last gen 5 series tbh. I know it's only two trips and one evening but I've probably spent 90% of my time in Comfort and Eco Pro. But yes, you can tell the difference in the dampers immediately if a road has anything other than perfectly smooth asphalt. Can't comment on the steering feel in sport because, being dark and icy, I haven't exactly had call for steering feedback Man does it go like stink though. Managed to get he TC light on from a 40mph kick-down and you can definitely feel the e-diff working on slightly slippery roads. Feels very composed but eager at the same time, if that makes sense Oh yeah: sounds good too!

I popped just past my house to a short stretch of <cough> private back-road conveniently 200yds from my house. It's the same stretch I did all my engine mapping and tuning and timing on the MPS. The 30D reaches the same speed by the same turn: 0-100 is just as quick as my modified 300bhp MPS. Go figure. Torque ftw. The wife never wants to drive it: says she's scared. That's good news. The kids love it but can keep their shoes off my sodding leather!
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