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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
It's incredibly ... serene ... in comfort mode, more so in Eco Pro because of throttle mappings. It feels like driving the last gen 5 series tbh. I know it's only two trips and one evening but I've probably spent 90% of my time in Comfort and Eco Pro. But yes, you can tell the difference in the dampers immediately if a road has anything other than perfectly smooth asphalt. Can't comment on the steering feel in sport because, being dark and icy, I haven't exactly had call for steering feedback Man does it go like stink though. Managed to get he TC light on from a 40mph kick-down and you can definitely feel the e-diff working on slightly slippery roads. Feels very composed but eager at the same time, if that makes sense Oh yeah: sounds good too!

I popped just past my house to a short stretch of <cough> private back-road conveniently 200yds from my house. It's the same stretch I did all my engine mapping and tuning and timing on the MPS. The 30D reaches the same speed by the same turn: 0-100 is just as quick as my modified 300bhp MPS. Go figure. Torque ftw. The wife never wants to drive it: says she's scared. That's good news. The kids love it but can keep their shoes off my sodding leather!
Just what I wanted to hear I'm really looking forward to a better quality ride than my 135i; a bit worried about it being a bit down on power when under hard acceleration compared with the 135i, but I think the extra torque will make up for that
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