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Goodyear put on two sets of tires yesterday. Neither corrected the sound. It actually seems to be intermittent again. When it is present, the 'thump' sound doesn't change regardless of speed. There is no way it is the tires as I have had the exact same sound across 4 tread designs. They also don't feel like the rims are bent at this point, and there is no way I had four tires all out of round the same way. Rotating the wheels front to back didn't change anything, either. I left with the Goodyear Assurance Weatherready tires on to try. All other vibrations are gone. When I hear the noise, I can feel the exact rhythm very slightly in the wheel. They are not a performance tire. I have to admit, I forgot what it was like to ride on a tire that isn't stiff. We wanted to see if that made a difference.

Anyway, this morning it was relatively cold out. I didn't hear the noise until after I got on the highway and drove a bit. Could be the wheel bearing (or something) not affected until it heats up a bit? It was there off and (mostly) on after that, particularly over about 30 miles an hour.

Time to have a discussion with the BMW service folks, I guess.
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