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Originally Posted by WJGreer View Post
I'm not feeling the Premium Package at $2,200. I hate the way lumbar supports feel, I can stream Sirius from my phone, and I can do without comfort access.

I've had a few rental cars with rear-view cameras, and I can say that once you've had one of those it's hard to go back. They are very effective. So I'm in on the $1900 Driver Assistance package.

The jury is out on the technology package. $3100 is a buttload of dough. I'm happy with the navigation capability on my iPhone, and all the other stuff in that package seems to be toys I would not miss if they weren't there. I might miss the larger display screen, though - but is it worth $3000?

I'm glad there's a tan leather option with M-Sport. I wish they offered Saddle Brown.
I'd be more open to just using my phone or a Garmin if the car didn't come with a screen whether you get Navigation. I don't want a screen AND a little Garmin on my dashboard. It's not that I can't handle multiple screens, it's that I hate how redundant it looks and feels.