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Originally Posted by BMWFanatic2008 View Post
+1 Even diesels don't make much sense anymore. There were a few threads here comparing F30 328 vs E90 335d in that regard.
The whole point of choosing a turbodiesel is the ability to get a much smaller engine which still has ample torque. Forget the 335d, I want the 320d they have in Europe. 184 horsepower, 280lb/ft and 61 British MPG which translates to around 50 US MPG. THAT would make a stellar base model in the range. And yes, the diesel should be the base model with by far the lowest MSRP.

BMW is crazy if they think a 3 series with Prius-rivaling fuel economy won't sell. The reason we haven't been buying 335ds and probably won't buy Activehybrids is because they offer barely any more miles to the gallon, come with increased ownership headaches and cost more. People here aren't dumb enough to pay more for a car and then hope to make up the difference on fuel savings, a hybrid or diesel model isn't some kind of premium product.

Back to the topic, I like what I'm seeing except I wish I could order mine with Adaptive M suspension without having to get variable steering.