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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
The experience was most interesting. In fact, after he tried my car in 'Comfort' mode, he wished to try the 'Sport' mode again. Then, suddenly, as if by a miracle, it clicked! He's now a 100% fan of Adaptive Suspension. He's furious with his Salesperson who's advice he took.
Careful, you'll really get me on a soapbox.

When folks question the sport suspension, "Delete the sport suspension" or "Adaptive it is not worth the money", is all a lot of them seem to say.

Now the other factor is wheels, at least you have 18", so sit there on optimum design specification, for the adaptive suspension.

I'm on 18" summer wheels with the 5-series. Talking with the dealer I got my car from, they did know 18" are the optimum for Adaptive Drive, and appreciated I'd be getting the best possible from it.